Franklin Dubowitz

Franklin has been in practice as a sports podiatrist for the past 30 years where he has always been at the fore front of his profession and has always kept up to date with the latest technology. He also attends to general structural problems.

He has been actively involved with thousands of sports men and women and has treated various cricket teams like South Africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and also the West Indies for the past 20 years.

Franklin was the designer of the first video gait analysis system which is now widely used in practices today. He himself uses three systems for orthotic manufacture.

The casting method where his in-house workshop manufactures whithin 3 hours for out of town patients and otherwise whithin a day or two for collection.

The digital method wherby the data is captured with a pressure plate and then used to mould the orthotics. This digital casting method is all done within 30 minutes after the initial consultation.

The new CNC method is totally computerized and is CNC machined which again is assessed with a pressure plate as well as a 3D scanner of the feet and the orthotic is them machined within a half an hour after the initial consultation.