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Market Mx serves to be the marketing and commercial arm of private healthcare practices. There is a need for specialist marketing, designed for healthcare professionals from the ground up, with a deep understanding of private healthcare, technology and marketing. For most practices, digital marketing is either an afterthought, or done by non-specialised, general marketing companies. This results in sub par results. In the digital age, there is huge potential to increase patient numbers through online channels. This potential has been left largely untapped. The opportunity has been realised, tried, tested and proven to be successful by our team, and thus Market Mx was born. 

What we do

A) Website:

We create websites that are not only beautiful, but are intelligently designed to ensure that people who visit the website become patients and clients. Our websites have full mobile capability, which means the look, feel and all functionalities  experienced on a computer stay consistent when viewed on a mobile device. Our data shows that a large proportion of health  seeking behavior, from gathering information to booking appointments gets done on a phone, and thus our websites are built with this in mind. We have integrated booking technology built into every website, that is fully customisable. Thus, we can create booking systems best suited to the needs of the practice. From being able to book an appointment from calendar views, phone calls and Whatsapp chats from the website. We are able to design booking systems for a solo practitioner or a multidisciplinary practice and everything in between. Our websites ensure that whether a visitor is a first time patient, or is a known patient to the practice, they have a streamlined, intuitive experience, demonstrating the experience, knowledge and expertise of the health professionals in a meaningful, comprehensive manner. Furthermore, we can create websites with built in telemedicine and video consultation capabilities, right out of the box, meaning that patients and health
professionals can interact without having to leave the website.

 B) Digital Marketing

Having a great website is the first step. Your website will be one among thousands of websites and tens of thousands of web pages sharing similar information on Google. If one was to create a website and simply leave it online, it would not appear anywhere close to the first page of search results. Unless someone has entered the exact website link, nobody would come across the website. This is where digital marketing comes in. Using tools such as search engine optimisation and paid media, digital marketing ensures that your website is seen, even if someone doesn’t search for the exact link. Perhaps a patient sustains a valgus force applied to their flexed knee with their foot planted and their femur externally rotated. The modern day patient will search on Google, and ask friends and family for advice. At this point, they may have a differential in mind. What digital marketing ensures is that when the patient looks for, eg: “best care for a meniscal injury”, your practice, who specialises in meniscal injuries comes up, on the first page of search results, and at the top of that page to ensure they go to your website. Our integrated knowledge of healthcare and digital marketing gives us deep insight into what potential patients are searching on Google, and we can structure your digital marketing strategy to ensure that potential patients get to your website. Marketing in the healthcare industry may be complex because of HPCSA regulations. It would be difficult to know if you are contravening any ethical marketing guidelines with a traditional marketing agency. Market MX only services the healthcare industry, we have our own experts in HPCSA guidelines and have obtained legal opinions supporting
our marketing strategies. We believe in the power of data and making scientific data driven decision. We employ the use of actuarial, statistical and the latest developments machine learning methods to
optimise advertising budget and strategy.


More Than Marketing


We view a medical private practice as a business, and thus view marketing spend as an investment. Most digital agencies base success on website views, clicks, phone calls or enquiries from the website. At Market Mx, we base our success on paying patients. We ensure that return on your investment is our top priority, and we track it as such. This is only possible through working intimately with your practice and moving outside of the digital realm to help optimise your current processes. We offer secretary training, so that the website and bookings can be updated from the back end (note, basic computer skills are all that we require in order to successfully train front desk staff). In order to optimise our service, we send monthly reports on ROI (return on investment) and deep insight into what patients’ needs, wants and search activities are. In turn, this allows us to adapt our marketing strategy as well as advise on website content to improve business.
We take feedback of information from the front desk to supplement our marketing data, in an intuitive and easy to do process, where all patient information fed back to Market Mx is completely anonymous, and thus poses no issues when it comes to patient confidentiality. We apply our data analytics to modify our digital strategy, as well as provide important information to the practice as to how they can adapt and ultimately grow. We require practice collaboration, but this done in an extremely time effective and simple manner, with most procedures already being templatised and automated. This deeper level of collaboration and medical industry specialisation differentiates our product ensures that we maximise your returns on investing in marketing; as well as remain transparent and accountable as your digital marketing partner.

Meet Our Team

Kyle Le Bron

Kyle is an experienced technical expert with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong web development skills using a lifecycle approach to delivering web based solutions, using proven methodologies & integrated toolsets governed by industry best practice & international standards. Business.

Ryan Swartzberg

Ryan is an entrepreneur with an actuarial background. At 14, he started off with a passion for breaking software –identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting them. He then turned this into an opportunity to assist Nexon (a Japanese company) to perform penetration testing on their online game MapleStory to identify weaknesses in their security. At 16, in school, Ryan identified a lack of educational resources and started Top Dog Education.

Benji Ozynski

Benji is a medical doctor, who graduated from the University of Witwatersrand and is currently working at Charlotte Maxeke hospital. He started his first business in medical school and has a passion for entrepreneurship and the integration of technology, health and business. He is the Director of Business Development of Wits Healthcare Innovation, the health-tech innovation hub of Wits University.

Mayur Ambelal

Mayur is a biokineticist, who graduated from the University of Johannesburg and has worked with industry leaders and has gained valuable experience in the field. He is a currently in private practice and runs two succesful biokinetic practices in the South of Johannesburg. He has a keen interest in techology and has gained a niche in web development and design over the years.

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