The Biokinetics department within the Centre for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics was started in 1996 by Jannie Klingbiel who is currently the senior biokineticist.

The Biokinetics department offers full orthopaedic rehabilitation services for chronic, non-operative and post-operative injuries.

Assessment and rehabilitation is performed with the aid of the following modalities:

Isokinetic testing
We have 2 isokinetic machines available, a Humac Norm as well as a Kin-Com 125AP that are used for muscle strength testing as well as rehabilitation purposes.

EMG analysis
Myotrace 400 as well as Neurotrac surface EMG is used for the assessment of muscle imbalances.

Biodex Balance testing
Proprioceptive and balance testing is assessed through the use of a computerized testing platform.

Functional Movement Screening
FMS screening is used to assess motor control, kinematic and biomechanical limitations.

Alter-G treadmill
The anti-gravity treadmill is used for the gradual introduction of weight bearing walking and running after returning from an injury or surgery.

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