About Marlene van Niekerk

Marlene is a registered Biokineticist.  She completed her internship with Jannie Klingbiel Biokinetics at The Centre for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics in 2023.  She has an Honors degree in Biokinetics from The University of the Witwatersrand and graduated from TUT with an Undergrad in Sports Science and Kinesiology.

She has a keen interest in high performance conditioning and pre-operative and orthopaedic rehab. She loves cars and is involved in the circuit racing world as a driver and team manager. She compares Biokinetics to being a human mechanic and combines her passion and background for sports, her experience with her own injuries, and her clinical knowledge to give her patients the best treatment.

Marlene is a registered member of:

  • The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • The Biokinetics Association of South Africa (BASA)