About Dr Lynton Lurie

Dr Lynton Lurie graduated MB.BCh at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1980 and completed his internship in Medicine and Surgery at the Johannesburg Hospital in 1981. He then spent 2 years of National Service in the Radiology Dept of No 1 Military Hospital Voortrekkerhoogte.

From 1983 to 1987 he underwent specialist training at University of Witwatersrand group of Academic Hospitals. As a senior radiology registrar he pioneered PCNL Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (percutaneous kidney stone removal) in 1986. He obtained his Diagnostic Radiologist specialist degree FFRad (D) SA in November 1987.

In March 1988 he was invited to join the Diagnostic Radiology Practice of the then Dr FI Spiro and partners at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg and became a full partner in 1989, the administrative partner in 2001 and senior partner in 2004. At that stage the Radiology practice at Milpark Hospital was known as Drs Haagensen and Lurie Inc.
Milpark Hospital had inter alia a Level One Trauma Unit, 24 Hour Casualty, Cardiac and Renal Transplant Unit, Centre of Respiratory Medicine and Neurosurgical Unit. Dr Lurie developed specialised expertise and extensive experience in Trauma Radiology and NeuroRadiology, ICU and Respiratory Radiology and also had a special interest in Adult and Paediatric Uroradiology.

As administrative partner and then senior partner Dr Lurie also gained extensive experience in radiology practice management, in negotiations with hospital groups and medical aids, in the nuances of equipment purchase and the understanding of the requirements for conversion of an X-ray Department from analogue to fully digital, implementation of PACS and RIS installation and intra-operative MRI. Dr Lurie arranged a unique live onsite comparative demonstration and trial of PACS systems from different PACS vendors at Milpark Hospital. Dr Lurie also served on the Physicians Advisory Board at Milpark Hospital.

Dr Lurie married for the first time in 2003 and was blessed a young family. He resigned from Drs Haagensen & Lurie Inc at Milpark Radiology in August 2007 inter alia, to take a sabbatical and for a lifestyle change in order to spend more time with his family.

During this sabbatical Dr Lurie studied Talmud daily, supervised and built a Mikvah (Ritual bath), started and developed saproType (an online transcription service) , attended a Virtopsy course in Berne Switzerland , attended multiple forensic medicine practical sessions, attended numerous Radiology congresses and hands-on practical courses, was admitted to the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom as a Specialist Diagnostic Radiologist and edited the monthly Radiology Journal Watch for MELISA ( Medical Electronic Library of South Africa) an online journal website.

Currently Dr Lurie is a part time professional assistant radiologist at Dr Sulman and partners.